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The municipality of Tierralta is located in the macro-region of the Colombian Caribbean coast, in the southern part of the Cordoba region, in the Sinú river basin at the foot of the Paramillo National Natural Park. This national natural park is an essential refuge for the biodiversity of the northern Colombian coast. This protected area has an extraordinary wealth of ecosystems of fauna and flora due to its topographical and climatic variations.

Despite this, its ecological stability is threatened by a series of human activities such as illicit crops and, more generally, the Colombian armed conflict that has profoundly affected the region.

The countryside surrounding Tierralta is characterized by a very high fertility of the land, threatened by their inadequate use and activities such as extensive livestock farming, illicit intensive cultivation, and deforestation for the sale of wood. In this context, the agroforestry cultivation model of cocoa is a compelling economic alternative that allows the sustainable management of natural resources.


Tierralta and Valencia are the municipalities that have the most cocoa in the department of Córdoba. For more than eight years, the local association of producers has been the protagonist of the rural economy of the region: it has been rebuilding the social and economic fabric in communities affected by the Colombian armed conflict and today has 193 members.

The organization produces high-quality cocoa with a system of polycultures and a well-organized model of community fermentation and drying facilities located in different areas of the countryside surrounding Tierralta.

The association responded with enthusiasm to Cacao Disidente's proposal to develop an offer of lots of fine cocoa. This has made it possible to work side by side with producers and fermentation plants to determine production and processing regulations for the fresh cocoa of each cultivar in the region, in order to offer a reliable range of lots, each with a specific sensorial profile.


Rio Sinú

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