Cacao Disidente was born to create a small brand new world. A world of cacao and chocolate that aims to answer the demands of bean-to-bar chocolatiers and chocolate lovers, seeking to exalt cacao of the best aromatic quality in its best form. It wants to change the perception of what real chocolate is.

Cacao Disidente works hand in hand with producers from various regions of the country, with whom solid relationships are built, to exchange ideas and lessons around a single purpose: to co-create the highest quality aromatic cocoa.

Based on the in-depth sensorial and taxonomic study of cocoa in its most representative and special genetics in Colombia, Disidente manages to select and process the best materials available, in order to obtain a unique experience in high-quality chocolate from aromatic cacao.

The Disidente model is in pursuit of the redistribution of value and price throughout the production chain, in order to give fair recognition to an indispensable link in it and to favor the efforts in the daily work towards improving quality in production and the construction of knowledge in its origins.

Every time a piece of a Cacao Disidente chocolate melts under the palate, there’s a flourishing of sensations that evoke the richness and fertility that throb in the lands of Colombia.

We offer a profitable productive alternative to producers, working alongside them and representing them in our offer.

We offer our clients high reliability and the possibility of joint innovation.

EL COLABORATORIO SAS is a technical advisory and educational services company, expert in the handling of differentiated cacao during the production, transformation, commercialization and consumption cycles.

Through the construction and transmission of specialized knowledge and the formation of cooperation networks between the different links in the chain, EL COLABORATORIO SAS offers comprehensive solutions to any need around differentiated cacao production and marketing projects.

Our cacao is produced by associations and cooperatives of small producers in fermentation plants. Each production phase is directed by protocols specific to the region, the crops and the desired sensory profile. Each process is monitored by a control system that ensures the quality and consistency of our micro-lots.

We have detailed traceability for each micro-lot produced. This allows us to carry out experimental transformations or respond to specific aromatic needs, planning production.In the production territories, we promote the safeguarding of the agrobiodiversity of cacao, to preserve the aromatic complexity of the species and characterize the offer of each origin, valuing the local biotypes.

With our collaboration systems, producers build the path to improvement. Through interpersonal relationships with producers, we foster the desire to learn, sparking a passion and promoting processes with collective operations that create self-sufficiency.

“The growth of EL COLABORATORIO is based on the mutual benefit of collaborations and is capitalized on the formation of joint knowledge. "


Manlio Larotonda

Founder and CEO

Una Julieta Tierra

Administrative and Art Director

María José Cardozo

Production Director

Nicolás Escobar

Product Development and Communication Director

Santiago Cadavid

Taster and Sensory Analyst


“Cacao, as a connecting thread, is complex. To give a good result, it requires that everyone loves each other, that everyone collaborates, and a harmonious balance. "